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American style truck on freeway pulling


Black Hand offers tractor service, 30t Pneumatics, Super B Hoppers, Dry Vans End Dumps, Gravel Sales and Asphalt. We are always diversifying our services to ensure we meet industry demands!

We are Hazmat and US DOT Certified.  We can go anywhere required!

We are licensed for CVIP to inspect commercial truck and trailer in our shop conveniently located in Burnt Lake Industrial Park, Red Deer County!

Cargo and Freight Solutions

Connecting what you do from one place to another.

Numerous Tractors available in our fleet. Various equipment available. Pneumatic blowers, High flow hydraulics, low flow hydraulics. On/Off Road options...

30T payload option. On/Off Road options. Positive Air Shutoffs in all tractors. Trailers have bottom drop options as well...

Super B, Step Deck, High Boy, RGN options available. All trucks have positive air shutoffs. All operators are trained in high safety standards and orientations...

Modern Semi Truck in Motion. American Hi


"I have worked with Black Hand Transport for over three years and have always been pleased with the level of service, quality of driver and overall customer service we receive. We can make one call into their dispatch team, coordinate our needs and communicate what is required through out each load. Blackhand is a great partner and are a core vendor for our logistics in Western Canada."

Blackhand Customer

"Professional and friendly staff, excellent service! We are always pleased with the level of service and experience that their employees have. Highly recommend Black  Hand Transport and their team!" 

Blackhand Customer

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